The beauty of silver — without the polishing!

Our ‘Distinctive Dining Collection’ is a stunning selection of skillfully crafted, Hand Hammered 18/8 stainless-steel; a wonderful alternative to traditional silver. These individual pieces, many of which are designed by Indigo Flair, are made to last a lifetime, making them an ideal gift for any occasion, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary.
Also we have a carefully selected range of unusual gifts from here in the UK. Striking country scenes, reproduced on Place Mats & Coasters from ‘Country Matters’ and many more appealing presents for you to choose from. So, if you would like something a little bit special, visit Indigo Flair shop on Line.
What our customer say…
I love practicality of all Indigo Flair’s products; the weight, the deep lustrous shine and they are so tactile!   It’s not just the versatility and durability of the items that’s so wonderful, it’s also the compliments received when serving a meal.”
Jules – customer from Living North’s Essence of Christmas 2014